Technology Solutions

Envisage is singularly focused on enabling embedded product engineering solutions for its customers. The rigors of commercial grade product development require specialized process expertise and an intense collaborative work style that enables co-creation. Product focus is ingrained in our DNA, and as a result, clients gain sustainable and long-term advantages from working with us.

Hardware Engineering

DFX Compliant Hardware design, manufacturing and compliance to certification or regulatory approval:

  • Silicon DV&V
  • Board DV&V – uP/uC/CPLD/FPGA/PAL based, upto 32 layers, High-speed, Analog/Mixed Signal and/or RF, Chassis based boards
  • Mechanicals and Enclosure, BOM Procurement and Manufacturing (Routing/Layout/Assembly) for Professional and Mil-Grade multilayer/flexible/flexirigid PCB; upto Proto Quantities or higher
  • Compliance and Certifications to meet Regulatory requirements pertinent to the markets served
    • LCSO Approval for Multilayered PCB
    • MIL5510G Approval
    • CEMILAC Approval
Production Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering – Industrial, Structural, Tooling, Packaging, Kinematics
  • Procurement, Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Pre and Post Manufacturing Setup and Validation
  • Wireless Networking Devices
  • Wireline Networking Devices
  • Next Generation Converged Network Devices
  • Infrastructure Security Devices
  • Storage Area Networking Devices
  • Bandwidth, QoS and SLA Management and Monitoring Devices
  • Element Management, Mediation, Settlement, Payment and Integrated Business Devices (including OSS/BSS/NMS)

We have expertise in developing and testing carrier grade devices with the following highlights:

  • Host and Target side development to Five-9 Availability, High-reliability, Fast-path Optimized for high-performance, distributed and scalable architecture
  • Develop on Carrier-grade Proprietary and/or COTS Telecom Platforms such as IBM Blade Server, VME, ATCA
  • Technology and Domain specific Communication Frameworks like SAF HA Middleware
  • Multicore Processor Architecture for high performance Data Plane and Integrated Network Management including Web based Service Provisioning and hierarchical user interfaces
  • Multiple RTOS/nRTOS based such as Linux, Solaris, VxWorks, Windows, Nucleus, QNX
  • Java based Telecom Value added Services (VAS) Delivery Platform based on JAIN, PARLAY
  • Media Servers and IVRs (VXML, SIP & MGCP) such as Broadcom, Pactolus, Snowshore, Cognitronics, Convedia
  • Femto Cell / Fixed Mobile Convergence
  • Internet technologies such as Application Servers, Web Servers, HTTP, SOAP, XML, etc.
  • Stacks and Protocol such as CDMA, GSM, GPRS, SIP, h523, IS-856 (1xEV-DO) & IS-878 (1xEV-DO IOS), SS7, ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, IN & IN-IP, AIN (Bellcore)/CS1/CS2(ETSI), INAP (Bellcore), LNP, VPN
  • Wireless, Wireline and IP based communications
    • 2G, 2.5G, 3G
    • WLAN Access point and Access controller product verification
    • 802.16x conformance
    • SS7, ISDN
    • IMS, IP-PBX, IP- Softswitch, Gateways
    • Visualization or Computer Vision
    • Real-time and Embedded Technologies
    • Mobile and Handheld
Mobile and Handheld
  • Global team with long-term mobile expertise
  • Multiple Mobile platforms and Technologies
  • Custom systems and applications for mobile platforms
  • Solutions for devices with low power consumption
  • Solutions to deliver highly personalized user experiences
  • Customer-facing content delivery and m-commerce solutions, or specialized enterprise-level systems

We have proven expertise in

  • Development on Mobile Platforms
    • Android
    • iPhone
    • Blackberry
    • Symbian
    • Brew
    • Windows (CE, Win Mobile, Pocket PC)
    • J2ME/J2EE
    • Mobile Linux
  • Development on Mobile enabled computing platforms
    • eBooks (Sony and other proprietary systems)
    • Firmware for international compatibility, lower power consumption, content enhancement
    • Gaming engines and games

Mobile solutions worked on by our team include

  • Extending critical backend enterprise systems
  • 3D gaming
  • Field service applications
  • Dynamic media content delivery
  • Real-time multimedia

Multimedia and Gaming

We provide end to end 3D game development services including Game design, Custom content development (modeling, animation, cinematic, level building), User Interface (UI) and Heads Up Display (HUD) design in addition to game programming and development of custom game engines.

At Envisage one of our core skills is game programming and 3D graphics application development. Our exceptional team has expertise in a wide range of technical fields ranging from instructional and game design to 3D stereoscopic rendering.

Some of our notable technology capabilities are:

  • Programming languages – C++, C#, DELPHI, VRML, JAVA3D, VB,…
  • Graphics API’s – OpenGL, Direct3D, OpenGl performer, Open Scene Graph, NVSG,…
  • Audio API’s – OpenAl, Direct Sound
  • Video API’s – OpenMl, Direct Show
  • Input interfaces – Direct Input, SDL
  • Shader languages – Cg, HLSL, GLSL
  • Cluster manager – VR Juggler

Our Game development capability strength stems from our ability to develop:

  • Games from “theme to play”
  • Using Custom game engine, Ogre 3D rendering engine and other commercially available engines
  • Custom algorithms for physics, dynamics and particle effects
  • Custom content.
  • Custom sound design
  • Stereoscopic rendering

Envisage renders high end virtual reality based simulator development services. The simulators are focused on leveraging the power of virtual reality technology to provide unprecedented experiential learning and enhanced user experience in:

  • Virtual world rendering with physical laws
  • 3d Visualization to enable interactive and real feel

Our services include Virtual Reality consulting, custom applications and graphics development, prototyping and integrated solutions development for virtual tours, mechatronic devices and stereoscopic projection solutions.

Envisage is a full-turnkey solution provider to the simulator industry. We offer the following solutions:

  • Custom Virtual environment applications built to incorporate a variety of sensory devices
  • Integration with Commercially Available Motion tracking devices like Optical Tracking devices (Optitrack, TrackIR4 ), Motion platforms, 3D Input devices (Cyber Gloves, Space Mouse)
  • Development of Application specific Custom Motion tracking devices
  • Complete Real-time 3D Graphics Software development using Custom game engine, Ogre 3D rendering engine and other commercially available rendering engines, AGIEA – PhysX, Newton Dynamics, ODE Physics Engines other commercially available Physics engines
  • Custom algorithm development for physics, dynamics and particle effects and Custom sound design for games
  • Design of custom mechatronic devices and HMI systems
  • 3D games/simulations developed are capable of stereoscopic rendering, Cluster rendering and Cluster Projection, for complete immersion
  • 3D stereoscopic Projection Environments (Front and Rear Projection)

Envisage has proven credentials in delivering Mechatronics based solutions to its customers. Mechatronics is the combination of Mechanical, Electronics, Computer, Control and Systems engineering to engineer a product.

  • Machine vision, Automation and robotics
  • Servo-mechanics, Sensing and Control systems
  • Biomedical and Medical imaging systems
  • Energy and power systems
  • Automotive, Transportation and vehicular systems
  • Computer aided and integrated manufacturing systems

We have extensive expertise in:

  • Multi-axis motion control systems with feedback
  • Servo control
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence