Platform Engineering
  • Hardware – µC, µP (ARM/MIPS/PPC/DSP/INTL/PXA), FPGA/CPLD/PAL, c/PCI/e,  Transducer (MEMS, etc.), and/or DSP Based Board Design
  • Firmware – BSP & Device Drivers for RTOS/nRTOS and OS-Less systems
  • Production – EMI/EMC, Environmental (e-Mechanical, e-Physical, e-Chemical) &Regulatory Compliant Design, Materials Procurement and Manufacturing
Application Engineering
  • Framework – Expertise in Wireless Communication Protocols; Performance, Power & Battery Management, A/V CODECS; Digital Acquisition and Signal Processing
  • Usability – Usability and Safety Driven Design of Interfaces
Quality Engineering
  • Validation – Component, Board and Chassis level Hardware Verification and Validation services for pre and post design and manufacturing
  • Compliance – Regulatory Compliance certification process applied to product design
  • Benchmarking – Platform benchmarking services
  • Quality Assurance – Manual and Automated Software Quality Assurance Services