Envisage is founded on the concept of providing Complete Lifecycle Product Engineering Services. Our focus is on the embedded Product Engineering of the Networked Devices. Whether we build a complete product, or implement a single slice of the Product Engineering Lifecycle pie, our delivery mechanism stems from us having a product-centric focus, and us adopting a product development approach to everything we do. We have a demonstrable capability to taking on a complete product development effort. We view Product Development as a 4-step cycle encompassing the following 4D Stages- Dream, Design, Develop and Deploy

Lifecycle Stages

Alternatively, we can fulfill one or more of the following stages within the embedded Product Engineering Lifecycle

Product Development

Envisage is helping its clients to create the next generation of product offerings. We can support the entire continuum of new product development activities, providing complete turnkey services, or handling individual segments of the process. Our teams work as a seamless extension of on-shore client teams; our processes, tools and technologies are tailored to adapt to a customer’s specific needs.

Product Management

Envisage has a proven capability in helping its customers bring their products to market. We have referencable experience to demonstrate our capability to take on end-to-end responsibility for Product Management, either as a stand-alone function, or as a value-add feature for product development endeavors taken on for our customers. Activities within this stage could involve one or more of the following:

  • Collecting and Analyzing Customer Feedback
  • Business Case Preparation
  • Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Product Release Management
  • Collaborative Co-working with our Customer’s Product Marketing teams

Product Architecture

Envisage routinely assists customers with their Product Architecture and/or Design of some or all parts of the product. The architecture and design work starts with understanding of the functional and non-functional requirements of the product under design. Design considerations and constraints are determined upfront, and stem from us analyzing the business, process, market and technology requirements, and then applying our years of cross-functional, multi-platform, and variable-domain experience to product a well-architected design that meets or preferably exceeds these criteria. The Envisage team has the capability of executing system design to cater to one or more of the following stringent design criteria:

  • High Availability upto five-9
  • Design for Reliability
  • Distributed Systems Design
  • RTOS/nRTOS/OS-less systems
  • Systems with Optimized Performance
  • Industrial-grade and/or Ruggedized Design
  • Networked Designs with Low-power Consumption, Small-footprint, Memory and/or CPU constraints
Product Development

Envisage engineers have top-notch skills in implementation of Product features and functionality using the most prevalent domain specific technologies and tools. We halp customers with their product implementation needs ranging from creating rapid prototypes to fully-deployable and configurable products, and performing continued engineering of legacy products to creation of leading-edge next generation product offerings.

Product Testing

Envisage has the wherewithal to undertake Product testing services as a stand-alone activity, or as an integral part of a broader product engineering solution delivery to its customers. Our product testing capability spans from providing manual and automated Hardware Verification and Validation, Software Quality Assurance, to product compliance and regulatory approval certification services.

Product Support

Envisage can undertake Continued Engineering for its customers. As part of our continued engineering offerings, we can provide:

  • Sustaining Engineering
    • Enhancements and Bug Fixing
    • Point Releases
    • Porting, Translation and Migration Services
    • I18N, L10N, G11N Services
    • Re-Engineering Services
Product Introduction

Envisage has the track-record, knowledge and skills to be able to support its customers in the product introduction endeavors. We can offer both white-labeled and/or partnership based Professional services to our customers. We provide these services both in traditional engagement models as well as through non-traditional and creative transformational offerings. Services offered include:

  • Customizations
  • While-labeled Professional Services
  • Transformational Offerings including Turnkey Services, Revenue-sharing, Licensing models