Industry Solutions

Envisage provides expert level, full-spectrum, lifecycle product engineering solutions within the following industry segments.

  • Access Device – Includes networked service access devices like modems, DSLAM, aggregation devices, storage appliances, Satcom systems, Radar/Sonar systems
  • Switching Devices – Includes devices like wireline and wireless switching equipment, routing equipment
  • Transport Devices – Optical and core network transport equipment, SAN
  • Management Devices – Element management systems, SLA and QoS management devices, Network test equipment, Security Devices
  • Diagnostic Devices such as CT Scan, Bone densitomerers, Fluid Analysis devices
  • Therapeutic Devices such as Insulin Pumps, Medication administering devices, Pace-makers, Defibrillators
  • Monitoring Devices such as blood-gas monitor, heart-rate monitor, etc used for both active and passive monitoring
  • Management Devices such as health care Kiosks, Medical Information Devices
  • Controls Devices – Industrial Controls equipment like Pumps, Gauges, Sensors and other Numeric Control devices
  • Instrumentation Devices such as testers, calibration systems
  • Manufacturing Devices such as Ion Beam Implanters, PLC, Photolithography machines
  • Robotics Devices such as wafer transfer systems, industrial robots, medical robots, motion control systems, Assembly line manufacturing systems, Optical placement systems
  • Automotive Devices – Engine electronics, Chassis electronics, power-train electronics, Driver-side electronics, Infotainment Systems, Roadside Assistance systems
  • Home Devices such as STB, Entertainment Systems, MF Remotes, Home routing and Multimedia Infotainment Systems
  • Office Devices such as MFC, Enterprise Computing equipment
  • Lifestyle Devices such as mobile handheld, PDA, PMP, eBooks
Public Sector
  • Avionics Devices such as in-flight entertainment systems, Cockpit Electronics, Surface and Air-control systems
  • Transportation Devices such as sonar, radar, surface-2-air surveillance systems
  • Defense Devices – Infrared sensors, Heat sensors, Surveillance Cameras, Missiles
  • Energy Devices – Automatic energy meters, Green Technology